Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice

From: Intrahealth International, Johnson & Johnson, mPowering Frontline Health Workers, University of Zambia

Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice

The 'Primary Health Care to Communities'  (PHC2C) blended learning training, Certificate of Leadership and Management Practice (CLMP) enables facility heads to lead frontline teams to deliver integrated, people-centered care and advance toward universal health coverage. The PHC2C CLMP was first tested in Zambia in 2017 and then scaled as a national CPD program for all community level facility heads. From the USAID ORB website, the CLMP training can be downloaded as Word doc files along with the accompanying android mobile app and is ready for use, with the facilitators guide. For adaptation to different local contexts, word files of the workbook and guides are also available, along with the moodle files that can be downloaded to any moodle account.

For more information about this course please contact Allison Annette Foster at afoster@intrahealth.org

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