How to use ORB

Finding Resources on ORB

The ORB platform provides several methods to help find the right content for you - browsing, searching and filtering. Watch our video on how to use each of these:

All the resources are free to access. Registration is not required, but it does allow you to bookmark, rate, and contribute resources. Every resource on ORB is openly licensed, however some have restrictions on creating adaptations or translations. When you're using the resources, and especially if you're adapting them, remember to keep within the terms of the license and include attribution to the author.

Using Resources on ORB

Once you've found the resources you're looking for, each resource will have at least one download or web link option. Use these to save the resource onto your laptop or mobile device. You can use the resources for your own study or integrate them into a training program or workshop.

Here are some ideas for how you could use the content in your training program:

You can also use ORB resources to create a structured, mobile-enabled training course. The Open Deliver process can help you select, structure, and deliver mobile content to health workers.

We'd love to hear from you about how you've used the ORB resources. If you have a story to share, please contact us.

Submitting Resources to ORB

If you have some great resources to share, please submit them to ORB. This will help your work reach our global audience. You'll need to register (simple and free), then use the Add Resource form to submit your resource. Watch our video for more information about submitting resources to ORB:

All submitted resources must meet the ORB Guidelines and Criteria to be made available publically through the platform. In short, we’re looking for resources that are relevant to frontline health workers, clinically accurate, usable on a mobile device, and released under a Creative Commons or Public Domain license.

For more info on Creative Commons licenses, visit our FAQs on Creative Commons Licensing for Global Health Content and watch our video on Creative Commons for Global Health:

If you have many resources to share, then consider becoming an ORB Content Partner. ORB Content Partners get extra benefits, such as access to the ORB API, a customized organization page and usage and analytics reports for their resources. For more information on how to become an ORB Content Partner, please contact us.