About ORB

ORB offers frontline health workers and trainers access to quality assured openly licensed content that can be used on mobile devices and shared virally amongst communities.

ORB has three unique features:

  1. Brings into one space quality-assured, multimedia materials from multiple content developers, with a focus on maternal and child health.
  2. Adaptation of existing content: ORB allows training implementers to re-use and adapt quality-assured training materials, saving costs and time.
  3. A global collaborative network of organizations to share and review content, integrate content into programs and share user-experience.

By improving access to health content and mobile learning, ORB helps health workers access the vital content they need to do their work effectively and confidently.

By using the site, you are agreeing to our Terms and Privacy Policy and that the content on this site does not constitute medical advice.

ORB has been developed by the mPowering Frontline Health Workers partnership.

Content Review Process

Our Content Review Team consists of staff with backgrounds in global public health, training and technology.

When resources are submitted to ORB, the Content Review Team makes the decision on the suitability of the resource to be included in ORB, based on the ORB content guidelines and criteria.

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