The mPowering Content Platform Review Process


The team has designed a review process to ensure that the content is appropriate for training and supporting Frontline Health Workers based in low-resource settings, and in line with primary health care standards.

The Actors

The mPowering ORB review process involves health, technology and development experts with experience in field-based digital health programs and content development.

Organizations: mPowering welcomes interest from organizations with a track record for creating high quality reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health content appropriate for training frontline health workers based in low-resource settings. We invite those organizations to upload content to the platform.

mPowering staff: provides the support for the review process. This includes first review of content submitted to the platform, supporting the Content Review Team, and uploading or linking to content which has been approved.

Content Review Team (CRT): The CRT is made up of highly qualified professionals in the maternal and child health sector as well as experts in e-learning, instructional design and mHealth. The team members and their respective organizations contribute their time and effort to the content review process to ensure that this platform is the ‘go-to’ source for quality training content and support tools for frontline health workers, their supervisors and training institutions.

Summary of the ORB Review Process

  1. Content Submission: Reputable organizations submit, tag and summarize their content to ORB, confirming that it meets the ORB criteria ( Upon submission, the mPowering staff receive an alert that new content is available for review.
  2. Initial review: mPowering staff conduct an initial review to ensure that the submitted content is appropriate for frontline health workers and appears to meet the ORB criteria. If it is, then mPowering assigns the content to the appropriate CRT members for review.
  3. External review: The assigned medical, technology and training experts from the CRT reviews the content to ensure the materials meet the standards for their area of expertise as well as the ORB quality standards. If the resource does not meet one of the criteria, then the reviewer provides an explanation. The reviewer can then accept or reject the resource for inclusion into ORB and notifies mPowering.
  4. Approval: mPowering staff makes approved content available on ORB.

If a resource has been rejected by one or more reviewers, mPowering staff will share a summary of the feedback/explanation to and liaise with the content submitter to discuss the decision.

This process is also shown in this video: