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Hand Washing

Video from Digital Green

  This video covers the importance of handwashing before and after preparing and eating meals, usage of toilets, after cleaning, and after working in the fields. Through proper handwashing, a person can avoid various health problems like jaundice.

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Our Home-Our Children

Video from Digital Green

This video describes core messages regarding personal hygiene for children including hand washing practices, proper bathing, and hair, teeth, nails and mouth cleanliness. Video demonstrates proper handwashing with soap before preparing food, eating, serving meals and after defecation. The video ...

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Sanitation and Hand-washing

Video from Digital Green

The video demonstrates how to effectively wash hands. This video also sheds light on how to maintain toilets at home to prevent effects of open defections that can lead to dangerous diseases like diarrhea, jaundice and polio.    

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Benefits of handwashing with soap

Video from Digital Green

This video is about the benefits of handwashing with soap. Emphasis has been given on the importance of washing hands with soap using clean and running water as it minimizes the risk of infection. There is also discussion about the ...

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