Therapeutic Early Stimulation Toolkit

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Therapeutic Early Stimulation Toolkit

The overall goal of this training resource is to provide structured and effective training for community health workers, early intervention therapists, midwives, clinical officers, and other service providers who will be implementing the Therapeutic Early Stimulation (TES) Package as well as coaching parents in their catchment areas. The 3- to 4-day training is designed to equip services providers and parents with useful information, tools, and techniques to support the development of young children with disabilities, including those with congenital Zika syndrome (CZS).

With a strong focus on brain development in the early years, these sessions cover the four domains of early child development (ECD) and relevant pediatric therapies through hands-on activities. Each session day requires approximately 8 hours. The sessions are intended to be implemented as a consecutive, uninterrupted 3- to 4-day training. Refresher trainings may be delivered based on the specific needs of a country or program team.

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