Preventing the Zika virus: Understanding and controlling the Aedes mosquito

From: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Preventing the Zika virus: Understanding and controlling the Aedes mosquito

A series of downloadable resources and learning activities from the School's 'Preventing the Zika virus' course. The material was originally delivered as a free online course in July 2016 on the FutureLearn platformAdditional information about the course and its contributors can be found on the School website.

The material is broken down into teaching weeks, topic-focused activities and learning steps. Individual steps are presented in a variety of different ways, and may be vehicles for delivering content, discussion opportunities, or informal assessment tasks. The material available on this page does not represent a course experience, and is intended for free, open re-use by educators.

Course developers: Dr. James Logan, Dr. Robert Jones, Dr. Vanessa Chen-Hussey, Megan Kill and Joanna Stroud

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