Maternal, infant and young child nutrition mobile content: Nigeria

From: British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, CABI, DFID, GAIN, GSMA, ILRI, OXFAM

Maternal, infant and young child nutrition mobile content: Nigeria

With funding from UK aid, the GSMA developed the nutrition content together with its global content partners consisting of five different organisations: ILRI, OXFAM, GAIN, CABI and British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research. Local content partners (LCPs) developed nutrition factsheets to inform the development of different content batches. This content was subjected to user testing and improved accordingly. For each market, the Ministry of Health was involved in the content development and approved the content in the form of an official validation letter.

This mobile-ready nutrition content was developed for eight markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. While in most of the countries, the content mainly focuses on maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition, some additional content was created to meet government priorities. Content is available in local languages in SMS form and as voice transcripts, ready for recording into Interactive Voice Response messages.

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